The process of growing grass, flowers, plants, and vegetables is getting more difficult as the soil becomes more depleted of nutrients and weather patterns change unpredictably. Products that worked in the past may not work as well. It is time to try a new approach by getting back to basics.

Go Organic

The soil needs to be replenished, plants and lawns have to be protected from hot and dry conditions, and water has to be conserved. One company, Seasol, has been producing liquid seaweed products for over forty years. The Australian company takes seaweed from harvest to manufacturing for home and garden use, commercial growers, and export sectors. Fish-based lawn fertiliser is also in the product line.


The fertiliser, soil conditioners, and garden health treatments increase yields. This is accomplished by stimulating root growth and aiding nutrient absorption by grasses and plants. Soil conditioners protect plants against hot and dry conditions to make them drought resistant. Plants are also protected against diseases and insect attacks. It does not take harsh chemicals to produce more fruits, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, lawns, or trees.


Products are derived from a few different types of brown kelp found worldwide. The two variations of Bull kelp are collected from storm cast. The seaweed washes up on shores once it has been torn away by currents and storms.

The other kelp is sustainably harvested. The tops are trimmed off at a certain length, leaving the rest of the plant. This encourages rapid growth, much like trimming tree branches or bushes.

Both methods do not have an adverse effect on the ocean ecosystems because most of the seaweed remains in place. Habitat is not destroyed, the filtering process continues, and the seaweed re-grows to sustain production of the residential and commercial product lines to meet increasing demand for healthy alternatives.

Where to Buy

The home and garden lines, sold under the brands of the company name and Powerfeed, are available throughout Australia in various stores. A complete list of sellers by location is available at Seasol. Commercial products are sold under the brand names of SeasolCommercial and Earthcare. Information regarding products, ordering, and pricing is also on the website.

Customers will discover that chemicals and expensive products are overrated when they explore the product lines and learn how to use them. Consider growing plants that are as healthy and nutrient-filled as they are beautiful. Vegetables will taste like they did years ago before chemicals and artificial growth methods became prominent.

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